Our staff believes that performing analysis with the GOTHIC™ thermal hydraulic code consists of more than simply running the code and accepting the generated results. It is critical to understand the physics of the phenomena being modeled and important to understand how the code operates to model those phenomena. Red Wolf personnel have intimate experience with GOTHIC having performed extensive application/analysis, code benchmarking / V&V, code development and testing, underlying constitutive model development of condensation heat transfer and turbulence modeling options, and direct user support.

Listed below is a sample of the areas in which Red Wolf Associates consultants have utilized GOTHIC™:

  • Spent fuel pool heat upRed Wolf Associates GOTHIC noding diagram
  • Analyzing containment thermal hydraulic response following postulated accidents for PWR containments as well as Mark I, II, and III BWR containments, including benchmarking against older codes
  • Subcompartment analysis
  • Performing room heat up analyses for various purposes such as equipment qualification, Appendix R fire analysis, and secondary containment drawdown
  • HVAC equipment performance / modifications
  • Modeling detailed piping systems to determine NPSH, investigate gas intrusion in safety systems (Generic Letter 2008-01), and evaluate fire protection system operability
  • Water-hammer analysis
  • Developing detailed reactor coolant system models to calculate time to boil following loss of RHR cooling, develop time to boil curves, and estimate long term mass and energy releases for both PWRs and BWRs for containment analyses
  • Secondary containment high energy line break (HELB) analyses


Red Wolf Associates also offers personalized introductory, intermediate, and advanced GOTHIC™ training. Training sessions are customizable to meet the specific needs of GOTHIC™ license holders. We specialize in one on one or small group training. Red Wolf personnel previously have led and assisted in delivering numerous GOTHIC training™ classes.


GOTHIC™ is an Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) thermal-hydraulics computer software program used to support the design, licensing, safety and operating analysis of nuclear power plants and other thermal-hydraulic systems. A valid license for GOTHIC™ is required for its use.

EPRI conducts research and development relating to the generation, delivery and use of electricity for the benefit of the public. An independent, nonprofit organization, EPRI brings together its scientists and engineers as well as experts from academia and industry to help address challenges in electricity, including reliability, efficiency, health, safety and the environment. EPRI does not endorse any third party products or services. Interested parties may contact EPRI for a license to GOTHIC™.