Software Development

Red Wolf Associates provides software products and services ranging from database development to customizable engineering code development.

Red Wolf Associates personnel have previously designed, developed and implemented various code modifications to468319 70689252 small the preprocessor and solver for the GOTHICâ„¢ program. Our staff members also have developed constitutive models relating to condensation heat transfer as well as turbulence models utilized in the code development of the GOTHICâ„¢ program.

Red Wolf personnel have previously designed, implemented, and tested skin dose calculation coding for a dose calculation computer program. Our staff also have created customized computer codes used in analyzing sump pH and TSP dissolution in support of Alternate Source Term analyses.

Red Wolf Associates staff have prior experience creating customized software for purposes such as data manipulation of meteorological data for use in atmospheric dispersion codes and batching codes to run parametric studies for toxic chemical control room habitability analyses.