Fukushima-related Support

The incident at Japan's Fukushima-Daiichi facility following a massive earthquake and tsunami has presented new challenges for the world-wide nuclear industry. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, in conjunction with industry stakeholders, has provided recommendations to the industry on specific actions to be taken. Red Wolf Associates can support licensee compliance by providing services such as:

  • Station Blackout
    • SBO mitigation strategy development
    • Room heat up analysis for extended SBO
    • Containment heat up analysis for extended SBO
    • Spent fuel pool modeling
  • Flooding
    • Flood evaluation walkdowns
    • Flood hazard reevaluations and update of flood evaluations
  • Spent fuel pool heat up and inventory control modeling
  • Hydrogen mitigation and control
  • Evaluation and design support for hardened vents
  • General analysis to support plant modifications
  • Reevaluation of seismic hazards through partner organizations